Our wireless H.264 video testbed serves as a real world platform for experimenting ideas and verifying algorithms in the research area of video communications over wireless.

GNU Radio is a free software for building and deploying Software Defined Radios (SDR). SDR turns radio hardware problems into software problems. With GNU radio, it is possible to change transmission power and waveforms on the fly. The flexibility facilities the cross-layer design of multimedia over wireless systems.

FFmpeg is a complete open source solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Combined with x264, the free library for encoding H264/AVC video streams, we are able to perform real time H.264 encoding and decoding. 

Using GNU Radio and FFmpeg as the backbone of our wireless video testbed, we are able to explore numerous interesting topics in the area of video over wireless, such as adaptive error resilient video coding, adaptive power control and modulation, and cross-layer optimization of wireless multimedia, etc. And more important, instead of soly relying on simulations, we interact with the real world wireless environment, which is both interesting and challenging!