Wireless Communications

Wireless research areas

Some topics:

  1. Resource allocation optimization for multiuser OFDM
  2. Space-Time Coding, Smart Antenna Techniques
  3. Multiuser Detection (MUD)
  4. WCDMA
  5. Adaptive/Blind Techniques (Equalizer/Estimation/Detection)
  6. OFDM (Coded/Uncoded)
  7. Turbo Code
  8. Ultra WideBand (UWB) Wireless Communication
  9. Software Radio
  10. Quantum Communication
  11. Ad hoc networks
  12. 4G wireless networks

Call Admission Control

Consider packet-level QoS (delay and loss) and seamless QoS
Multiple classes
Handoff requests can be queued
Moving direction of mobile terminals can be known using GPS
Use dynamic channel assignment rather than fixed channel assignment

Unlicensed Spectrum

How to provide QoS
MAC considering all the factors (greeds in power, bandwidth, duration)

QoS Provisioning in Hybrid Fiber/Coax Networks (DOCSIS & IEEE 802.14)

Hidden terminal problem in HFC is similar to that in wireless networks.

DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification)

QoS Provisioning in Wireless Network

IEEE 802.11
IEEE 802.15
IEEE 802.16

Adaptive Framework

Network-aware Applications
Application-aware Networks
Bandwidth Fluctuation in Multiple Time-scale (how to deal with it)
Scheduling Algorithms (fairness, delay bound and bandwidth provisioning)
Seamless Handoff (CAC and bandwidth reservation)