How to test USRP when you get it

Zhifeng Chen

1. install Linux: need to select a OS here

2. install GNU Radio:    --

3. (optional) read the hardware documents:    --
        user guide/install guide:    --
        All the datasheets can be downloaded here

4. (optional) read driver source code
        the source codes related to USRP:
                firmware: for 8051 in USB controller, mostly writen as .c and .a51
                FPGA: for FPGA, mostly writen as .v (it seems fpga only has SRAM inside, so it need to download software for fpga every time)
                host: for PC, mostly writen as .cc
                driver for dauther board: mostly writen as .py and .cc
                example for single usrp board: all writen in .py
                example for multi usrp boards: all writen in .py

begin to test:
1. How to power on and start test:
        step1. before plug in USB cable, open two terminal.
        step2. to see a real time display of all log messages: tail -f /var/log/messages (to check the usb driver is correctly installed)
    How to stop and power off:
        step1. stop the program.
        step2. disconnect USB connection and power off

2. test a script for usrp first without daughter board, which file I need to test?
gnuradio\gnuradio-examples\python\usrp\ &

3. how to test the transmitter and receiver for daughter board?
The antenna should be connect by Tx/Rx SMA but NOT Rx2! there is a switch for Rx2 and the switch is off in default!
The Tx and Rx can NOT be connected directly by cable! need a attenuator about 40-50 dB!!
    1) /gnuradio-examples/python/usrp/ and to observe signal
    2) /gnuradio-examples/python/digital/ and to test data transmission.
        The boards need to be at least 3m apart. --/home/james/gnuradio/gnuradio-examples/python/digital/README
    3) use and to test voice transmission.
    4) some also said to test /gnuradio-examples/python/usrp/ to test full duplex voice call, but I can't make it works.

test voice:
1. gnuradio-examples\python\audio\ as tutorial
2. gnuradio-examples\python\audio\
3. gnuradio-examples\python\digital_voice\ to test by one USRP
4. gnuradio-examples\python\digital\
    gnuradio-examples\python\digital\ to test by two USRP

test data:
1. gnuradio-examples\python\digital\
    gnuradio-examples\python\digital\ to test by two USRP

suggested by others:
./ -f 2412M --bitrate 500k -v --tx-amplitude=30000 and
./ -f 2412M --bitrate 100k -v --rx-gain=75
--in digital folder

2. Estimate throughput of USB Signal generator Oscilloscope (screenshot) Spectrum analyzer (screenshot)